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Facing the water shortage, and in line with idea of “meet the demand of people’s life quality to provide more healthy and environmental safe water.”

Udara2Air got the idea from nature and has been trying to change the world with technology and taking the safe drinking water and healthy drinking water as the goal to benefit the society.

Our Services

Water From Air

The population of the world continues to increase, yet the clean and drinkable water supply continues to decrease. Throughout history, humans have always looked down while looking for a source for their water needs.

What could be a greater gift or contribution to life?

Data Science Acceleration

They have always extracted from holes in the ground, wells, ponds, lakes, rivers, and aquifers. All of these sources have one thing in common, which is that we are taking water out faster than nature can replace it.

Versatility in Application

Udara2Air brings an ecologically friendly and new source of pure drinking water to industry, businesses and home users alike.

Udara2Air provides truly affordable, state-of-the-art technology that is easy to operate and maintain. The technology taps into a water source that does not place more demands on Mother Earth–Pure water from the air we breathe!

Full Customer Experience Service

People today are tired of making frequent trips to the supermarkets stocking up on plastic bottled water, or relying on municipal filtration systems that need regular maintenance.

Your customers will continually thank you for providing the purest, safest and best tasting drinking water that they extract from the air they breathe in the comfort of their own homes…

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our Mission

With pure drinking water exponentially becoming the most precious commodity on our earth, then it is time we take a look at new technologies that move our sights beyond that of the bottle.
The bottle water industry has recently crossed the threshold of over 80 Billion United States Dollars worldwide as the largest selling beverage on this planet; although we never thought in our youth bottling water as a mainstay of our present existence would be the norm. Bottom line is that there is less than 3% pure water on our planet that is captured in the ground. Although our oceans are filled with billions of cubic feet of water, still the most abundant source comes from our air.

We know that trillions of liters of pure fresh drinking water in the sky that is virtually invisible to us humans on the ground.

Oh yes, we see lots of water when it rains, but that is only a small amount that is really there for the taking.

Udara2Air has the technology, machines and infrastructure to allow virtually any person on this planet to enjoy pure fresh drinking water, without the need of bottles, wells, and elaborate filtration methods for their municipal supply to give us the life sustaining sustenance we all deserve.
At first glance, distributorship looks like an ideal business opportunity if you have got the money and basic business management skills.

You can instantly get a hot running product, so you don’t need to bother about the manufacturing or marketing stuff.

You can also benefit from the experience and expertise of Udara2Air. In short, it is a ready-made business, all you need to do is to invest some capital and select an appropriate spot for distributorship, and you are all set for a jump start.
You don’t need to arrange for raw materials, set up manufacturing plants or go around spending big amounts on marketing, as
Udara2Air will be taking care of these aspects.

Therefore when considering a Udara2Air Indonesian distributorship we take a
more personal or “hands on” approach.

                                                 "Every Drop Counts"

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